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Herbline Essentials Samples - Review

Hello Dear Buddies!
I have been wanting to try out the Herbline Essetials brand for sometime now. People have been raving about it. So when I received some samples from Herbline Essentials I was over the moon! Let's check out what products I received and how I liked them!
Herbal Essentials Aloe Vera & Glycerrhiza Fairness Cream

Most creams make my oily skin suffocate and freak out, so I am very skeptical about choosing what I use on face. When I squeezed out the cream from the sachet, the scent and texture immediately reminded me of those from Fair&Lovely and Fairever. It was white in color and had this pearly velvety texture. At first I did the mistake of taking way too much stuff. I was surprised to find how little I needed to cover my entire face and neck. It's just like the vanishing creams. It takes a little time to sink in and has to be massaged well in order to prevent patchy residue. I applied this above my toner and Grapeseed Oil (my usual skincare routine). I had the chance to keep this cream on my skin for a whole 15hrs and my skin did not get oily. My skin felt velvety soft the whole time. I was really surprised that my skin did not become dull looking like it usually does but instead had a very light glowy healthy look to it. It did not break me out and cause any other reaction. I cannot comment on the brightening effect of the cream because I could use it only for a limited time. It is mentioned it can be used on all skin types. I got 2 sachets of 5ml product and each lasted me for 3 uses even after applying on my face and neck!!! Each full size tub contains 50ml of the product and costs $37.78/- in their website.
Herbal Essentials Aloe Vera & Honey Hydra 5 Gel
I have heard oily skin love gels and now I know why! I needed very little for my enitre face and neck. I massaged it in till it was completely absorbed. While drying it felt sticky and I worried if it would stay that way but it completely absorbed into my skin. Once absorbed my skin looked like I havn't put on anything! My skin literally just drank up the product! I could feel my skin looking supple and on touching I could feel no residue of the product. I had it on my face for like 8-10hrs before washing my face and still my skin had not turned oily. I tried applying this alone as well as above toner and Grapeseed Oil (my usual skincare routine). Above the toner and oil, my skin felt more supple and moisturized. It did not break me out and cause any other reaction.
It is mentioned that it suits all skin types but I feel dry skin beauties might need to use more quantity or other moisturizing products with this. Each full size tub contains 50ml of the product and costs $35- in their website. I'm sure oily skin beauties would love this! I got 2 sachets of 5ml product and it lasted me for 3 uses each!!!
Herbal Essentials Sun Screen Lotion SPF 40
I usually use the Neutrogena Sun Block Cream in SPF 55. I have used other sun creams but they are usually greasy and feels heavy on skin. After discovering Neutrogena I never looked out for other brands. But this Sun Cream from Herbline Essetials is Amazing! Though it's SPF is less than Neutrogena, it is still apt. It did not turn my skin oily even after wearing above toner, oil and moisturizer! It stayed put until I decided to wash my face (around 8 to 9hrs)!! I also love the scent of this cream. Unlike other Sun creams, this has a light citrusy floral scent to it which I loved. It has also got some wonderful ingredients to nourish the skin too - take a look at the ingredients below. The full size version comes in a tube of 120ml and costs $29.65 in their website.

Now I understand why people have been loving this brand. I loved all the samples I received - which is not something that happens every time. I can't wait to get my hands on the full size versions of these. It is available here in U.A.E in Boots. Prices may vary from the website ones. I am also keen on using their hair care line as well as foot cream. Have you guys tried this brand? Tell me how you liked it...
Note: These products were provided to me for review purposes but all opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. I have got these samples but I hadn't used them yet. Now I am excited to use them!. Out of these three, the Hydra gel excites me the most. I am gonna try that out soon. Lovely review, Abi <3


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