Sunday, 23 November 2014

Essentials for being Productive!

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All right guys! So back to the topic! Work cum Blogging Motherhood is not easy! Add to that the constant naggings of your kins and poor physical stamina things get worse! 7 months postpartum I am still struggling to get a hold of myself. The slightest mishap and I am in for a complete burst out or melt down! It was finally time to shake myself up before I completely lost it! I had so many things to deal with - spending more time with baby, have some lovey dovey time with hubby, eating healthy, doing laundry, organizing house, getting fit and finally getting some me-time. Everything was jamming into each other leaving me into a hopeless heap!
I am in the process of making different changes to my lifestyle to make my life more enjoyable, effective and productive. I am sure many of us are facing problems with maintaining our work, household and hobbies (what was my hobby again?)! So I thought why not share with you guys how I am trying to get my life in track.

1 - Be Optimistic!
Being optimistic is very important to lead a healthy mental life! Seeing only the negative aspects of things and lamenting about it will only make things worse. Being a pessimist makes us miss opportunities to solve the problem. In my post, 'Constant Complaining Syndrome', you can read a story where the endings change according to how you react to a situation. I have written about my journey from being a pessimist to an optimist. It was not easy but is definitely not impossible. Yoga, Meditation and turning to God has helped me tremendously in being positive.
2 - Create a realistic to-do list!
Creating a to-do list saves a lot of hassle, but sometimes we just create lists over lists and end up doing nothing. A realistic list of small tasks and getting started with it will help you finish it as well. Keep it simple and easy to follow. It can even be just a single task that you want to do daily and then add on gradually - like doing dishes daily, after that add on organizing your closet, going for walks, etc..
We are all human beings, so its normal to forget. Having a lot in mind will obviously make us forget things here and there, so its always best to jot down things as and when you remember. This could be anything - things you need to purchase next time you go shopping, for travelling, for outing, etc.. Also noting down things will help you organize and decide between important and unncessary items.
3 - Avoid excessive multi-tasking!
This is especially for the ladies. We tend to multi-task a lot. It is time saving and effective at times but not aways. It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the responsibilities and feel all heated up! Results are you will end up with soaring headaches, incompleted tasks and heaps of complaints! Stop right there! Put a full stop to all the clouds of tasks and clear your head. Take one task at a time and think about how to solve it. Solving a problem when you are clear headed will make it more effective.
4 - Learn to say 'No'!
This is the most difficult part I am trying to improve. If you keep accepting everything, nobody will respect you for that, they would only keep dumping you with tasks. It is important that you respect yourself and let others know that too! I know this is most difficult to achieve if you have a hectic job or nosy boss. But always do things only to your capability - because it can really affect your health.
5 - Take breaks!
 Last but not the least, taking breaks is as important as eating! Getting a good amount of sleep (What's that again?), taking breaks even if it's just 5 minutes, short naps will only increase your potential to do better! Being a new mother, sleep is really on the low for me so I do understand how difficult it is to get a good sleep but as they say as time passes things will get better. My son is sleeping a lot better now - Thanks to for their great tips on getting a baby to sleep well!
I hope these tips motivate you. I know it is easier said than done but it is better than doing nothing at all! Start slow and go up at your own pace. Our life turns out by the way we treat it, So I leave you here to take steps you better your life as well. Do jot down your essetials to stay productive as well. I could definitely benefit from it!


  1. Hey really nice post and seriously Abi, kudos to you for handling work, blogging and motherhood all together!. I dunno what I would do in such a situation!. Nice tips, which are doable ♡

    1. Thanks a lot dear! Don't worry, you will feel you are gonna die but everyone survives this phase ;-) but on a serious note, God gives power for us to go through it all :)

  2. Greetings from Belgium, visit my weblog on:

    1. Hello Koivis, welcome to my blog :) I tried visiting your blog, but I don't understand German...Sorry :(


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