Thursday, 9 October 2014

Postpartum Update - 6 months!

 OMG!!! My son's completing 6 months already? Where is all this time flying to? During my pregnancy my time was not moving at all and now I just can't keep track of it! LOL!
At the end of his 4th month he got his next round of vaccinations. That time was more painful than the 2 months shots. He was awake this time and was watching the nurse curiously as she was getting the needles ready. The nurse asked me to hold his hands as she inserted the needles into his thighs. My heart just shattered to pieces as he held on to my clothes crying out. It just looked like he was asking me to stop the pain and I am helpless. Ufff!! Will never ever forget that moment! They gave him some oral medicine after that and he fell asleep. I removed the bandages as soon as we reached home and gently massaged the area he got shots. He cried a little then but slept off again. I applied warm and cold compress alternatively. After an hour he got up again crying real bad. Doctor had given us Baby Adol (pain killer) to give in case of pain or fever. You give it 4-6hrs time gap. We only had to give him that around 4 times. I also made cycling movements with his legs which would help blood circulation. After that he was out of pain and did not develop fever. I guess it is really important to massage and keep the leg movements going to relive soreness and avoid medicine getting stuck in one place.
Masha Allah! He has now learned to roll and lie on his tummy by himself. He can hold his head up really well and tries to hold on to objects with both hands. He has also started to hold out his arms for us to pick him up. He recognizes us now and eagerly jumps to mine and my hubby's hands when we come back from work. Its such a lovely feeling - I can't explain!
Starting from his 6th month, we started giving him solids. We kept it slow and steady. At first we gave him oats, millet, arrowroot, green plaintain - all dried and powdered, simmered in little water to form thick paste. We then added little breast milk to it and gave him. Then we tried giving him fruits like banana, apple and avocados all pureed and mixed with milk. When I tried to give him carrots (boiled and pureed), he hated it! But then he was okay with squash and sweet potatoes. It looks like he likes it sweet. Bland foods does not satisfy His Highness! For this purpose we mostly mix in little bit of fruit and little bit of my milk to the cereals. Fruits added to sweeten included bananas, dates, apple and pears. In the beginning 95% of everything put to his mouth would come out. Slowly slowly he mastered the art of swallowing. I bought a baby spoon with bland edge to feed him so that it wouldn't hurt his gums. I make him sit up-right on a baby chair with bib and feed him little by little. Now we try to give him solids around 2-3 times a day. I am very much against force feeding. Generally at my place it is believed that children should be force fed. You can see mothers inserting their forefinger between their gums to keep them from closing their mouths and chunking down food as if shoveling sand into a pit! Its crazy, I know! I guess it just makes them hate food-time from the beginning and turns to a big war in the coming years! From my expereince I feel babies show dislike when feeding them bland foods and instead of forcing them into that its better to get them there gradually. It will take time and patience but it definitely works. I mind sound like a very experienced person writing all this blah, but trust me - I learned all this from This site has been a life saviour for me in many situations! You can read more about starting solids for your babies here.
One more thing I learned from here is that giving rice cereal to babies are not a good idea due to the high level of arsenic in rice. Read more here.
Sleep fairy is still my son's worst enemy! He hates winding out for the day. He has to get really really tired and sleepy to finally doze off. Even then he tries with all his might to keep his eyes wide open! He still co-sleeps with me and hubby. I don't really plan on separating him from our side for now. He likes it when there are people around him. Being alone, silence and too loud noise really scares him.
I am still a mess. I am yet to get into a routine in life. I have slowly started to fix things here and there, having some me-time is really hard even now. Sleep is something I am always trying to catch up. My weight is still constant after losing 10kgs I gained during pregnancy. I can sense my stamina is on an all time low from the lazy lethargic approach I have to everything. I am now trying to revive my old smart self. Making timetable, squeezing in some excercises and walking are things I am trying to do. Strictly following a timetable is out of question, so I am keeping it flexible.
As the sixth month is ending, we are getting ready for the next round of shots. I just want to get over with it soon and pray he gets over the pain fast.
Hope you all have a wonderful day ahead!
Take care!


  1. Abidha, I really wish we had all our three kids after reading this blog. We have spoiled the eating habits of all our kids and till date (when my elder one is reaching 14 years) we are still at war in feeding them.

    1. Oh dear, I totally understand your situation. My parents had lots of trouble feeding me until my teens too. As they are grown up, it would be best to have a heart to heart talk about food to them. To make them realize the importance of each instead of scolding them. Scolding or forcing them might make them even more rebellious. Letting them be the boss and take decision will encourage them :) Hope this helps!


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