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Haircut and Styling with Changes Salon, Abu Dhabi - Review

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How are you all doing? I have been really really busy with baby and job. Days are moving so fast that I can't keep track of anything! So amidst all this, I have really been craving to do something about my hair. During my pregnancy, my hair was at its best. Due to increase in hormones, my hair texture was so good and I literally had no hairfall. My hair grew out longer and I was totally in love with my hair. But after delivery, around the 5th month my hair started to fall out real bad. I was also not able to care for it properly, so it has totally become damaged and rough. I already have curly hair, so getting it damaged and rough makes it very difficult to manage. I wanted to learn how to properly style my curly hair and get a good haircut.
Sketch by Asmiya Basheer
That is when my good friend, Irene from Drab2fabz came to my rescue. She had an offer from a Saloon called Changes Salon where if one does service and another gets free.
This was our first time in this Salon but we had heard good reviews online so we decided to check it out. We both have curly hair, but our needs were different. Irene has started to workout recently which requires her to wash her hair everyday. Therefore, she wanted to cut her hair really short to make it easier to blow dry and manage. She has done a post about her experiences with this Salon. Read all about it here.
I wanted to keep my hair long but create some texture into it so that it looked stylish. I also wanted to know how to style my curly hair. I have got really thick hair, so blow drying it straight frequently is not an option for me, I only do that for special occasions. I wanted to learn to play up with what I have and make it look good like my favorite actress Kangana Ranaut!
I have previously had bad experiences at Saloons. Poor service and doing the opposite of what is requested is all what I have gone through. Some Salon staff tend to behave rudely with Asians - which is really cheap! It is really disgusting that some people still do such differentiations! Such experiences make me feel so nervous to go to places like these.
Fingers crossed I headed out to this Saloon 10 minutes before my appointed time. I was given appointment at 2pm and Irene's was at 2.45pm. A kind lady opens the door for me as I rang the bell. This Salon was in a flat, so their doors were closed for privacy. She asked me to wait while my stylist got ready. She offered me tea or coffee which I kindly rejected. As I had 10 minutes left, she took me to the beauty rooms where they did manicure, pedicure and waxing. She introduced herself as Maralene and said she was the new stylist there to do manicure, pedicure, threading and waxing. She said they had the best wax from Australia which is very less painful. I did not do it so I can't comment on it right now. She also said they were going to very soon start with gel nail polishes. They do not do any face treatments here. Its mostly the haircut, coloring, perming and straightening. The waxing, manicure and pedicures are new additions.
Overall, I noticed the area was maintained well. It was neat and well-lit. Many customers were getting their hair done. At my appointed time, a stylist took me to get my hair washed. Last time I got my hair washed, i wanted to kill that stylist. She put me in a lot of pain with her vigorous treatment. I thought I was going to go through the same, but man, I would've slept off if the stylist hadn't been talking to me. She was that gentle with my hair. The stylist who I was appointed with was Katie, a sweet and lovely lady from Scotland. She made sure I was seated comfortably and then asked me what look I preferred. As she untangled my hair, I told her all about my worries. I told her I love long hair, but I hate the look of having it flat on top and bushy at the bottom. I told her I wanted to learn how to style my hair into sexy looking curls. She looked at me and said, 'My dear, you have gorgeous curls! You don't need to do too much!'. I was like, 'Really?'
She said, don't worry, I'll show you how. I got really excited. I have to say this, I did not feel any pain while she untangled and combed my hair out. She told me she will keep the length of my hair but add some layers so that the bushy look is reduced. Last time I told stylists I wanted my hair long, they would still cut out chunks of my hair off! I was left so depressed.What happens is, when you wet curly hair, it will straighten and appear longer than it is. You need to cut it longer than the said length so that when it dries, it will shrink up to the length you wanted. I was about to tell this point to Kate when she told the same thing back to me. She said she will cut it longer than I said, so that when it dries it will come up to the length I want. This is what I call a well trained and experienced stylist.
As she started cutting, I could see the layers starting to form. By the time she finished, my front hair had started to dry and was getting bushy. She then got some curl cream and serum. She re-wet my hair and applied the curl cream. Then she scrunched up the hair and started to diffuse dry my hair at a low heat setting. She told me to concentrate applying cream on areas my hair appears coarse and always use low heat. She told me not to shake up my hair too much as it will damage the curls, just to patiently diffuse dry till its half dry and then let it dry naturally. She the applied some serum for final touch. I was surprised to see my hair like that! I never thought I could achieve such look. She also told me to deep condition my hair every week as it would make my hair even softer. She said, 'You don't even need a setting spray to hold your curls, you have the curls what many people crave for! me included!'. I could feel myself blushing and I thanked her kindly. Its not every time I receive good comments on my hair!
Sketch illustration of my hair before and after by Asmiya Basheer ;)
They did charge me extra Dhs170/- for styling my hair which I did feel was expensive.
Overall! I was very happy with their service but you might find this place a little expensive! But for the quality of service and products they offer, maybe its ok. I did talk to some customers there and they said they were very happy with this Salon. Some had been their customers from a long time.This is my first time in a Salon with such rates so I can't really compare services with another. Maybe in future I will explore and compare. But here's the price list of their present services.
They are situated in Abu Dhabi, Hamdan Street, Home Center Bldg - Tower C - Floor 0.
Tel: 026431147
All products they used were from a brand called Label.m from London. Their website claims they are an award winning fashion inspired brand developed by professional stylists under international artistic team led by Toni Mascolo & Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck.
So guys, that was my experience with Changes Salon in Abu Dhabi. Have you ever been here? Do tell me how you liked it. Also don't forget to read Irene's experience with the Salon. Share in your experiences with other Salons as well. I would love to learn.
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  1. I absolutely loved your detailed step by step explanation of your experience!. It definitely sounds like a lovely place!. Your sister is very talented. Love the sketches. Thanks for including the price list. It's expensive!. But I am so glad you had such a lovely experience and you are so happy with the result ♡

    1. Thanx for your compliments Dear! :) <3 It is indeed expensive!


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