Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Postpartum Update - 4 months

Picture drawn by my artist sisyy, Asmiya Basheer
During the first week of his 3rd month, I was normally feeding him when he pushed away and looked at me. He usually just dozes off to sleep feeding so this was unusual! As I looked on he cooed and his lips parted into his First Teethless Gummy Smile. OMG you guys!!! That was such a beautiful moment! I can't just properly describe how I felt but I just wanted to cry and laugh and smother him with kisses and hugs all at once! All the pains, hardships and struggles vanished in a second! As I fought back my emotions to squeeze the daylights out of him, he closed his eyes and went back to feeding!
From then on he started developing his skills from smiling to twinkling laughter! He also started blowing raspberries and making all kinds of funny noises. When we talked to him, he would try to talk back with 'aaa's and 'eee's. He started losing his curled up new born look and was getting steadier and stronger. When he hears any noise he would turn in that direction, his hand and leg movements were getting more controlled. He would take his hand to his mouth and suck, he would clasp his hands together and then suddenly stretch himself! His kicks were getting pretty stronger and he started grasping on to anything near his hands.
His sleeping skills were still low in the beginning, now it's gradually improving. he sleeps for 4-5hrs at a stretch now. I started understanding what he loves and what he hates. He loves music, colors and lights. He loves to bath and would get upset when we take him out of his bathtub (but mind you - if you even dare bring cold water near him, he would make sure your ear drums don't functions for the next one hour!) . He loves to go outing, he would look around in amusement from his stroller when we shopped around at malls. He loves the sunlight and greenery. He would easily get bored if kept in one place for longer period. He hates dressing up - especially t-shirts, he would wrestle with all his might to keep you from getting his arms and head through the t-shirt. He hates it when people talk to each other without acknowledging him -  His Highness shall be entertained as long as he is awake! And yes that remind me - he absolutely hates going to sleep!! The moment he realizes the sleep fairy is trying to overpower him, he starts crying. If he dozes off feeding then its ok but otherwise he mostly goes to sleep very upset with the sleep fairy! Why wouldn't she just understand he hasn't finished playing?!
So that brings the topic to me - how am I coping up as a new mother? Well, I wouldn't say i am dealing with it all wonderfully! Instead I am feeling like I am totally messing things up! In Ramadan, though my work timing was less, I still felt like I didn't have enough time for anything! I didn't have enough time with baby, I didn't have enough time to bath, to eat, to pray, to clean, to cook - I just wanted to ask extra time for everything (which was unfortunately not possible). Everything was incomplete for me. I have absolutely no idea how I would have survived if my family were not with me. My baby was a late sleeper - so my mom and sister would play with him when I slept (don't look at me like that, I had to get at least 5 hrs of sleep so that I look human in office next day!!). Soon after Ramadan I got 9 days leave! I just made the most out of it with my baby! So much that i was literally in tears when I had to get back to work. Off late he has also started showing dislike towards bottle feeding. I had not faced this problem until now. My mom and sister has to play lot of tricks to get him to feed when I am at work - they try to feed him in sleep or by distracting him and stuff! I don't know how he would be reacting when we start giving him solids in 6th month. In Sha Allah! May Allah make it easy, Ameen!
I am no longer in pain from the c-section now but if I touch my tummy I do feel it tender and slightly painful. I have not resumed to any proper fitness routine. I don't intend to do any hard workout fearing it might interfere with my milk supply but I am planning on going for walks and do yoga. For keeping up my milk supply I try to take 2 glasses of milk daily and eat well. I eat oats, flax seeds, fruits, veggies and cereals! I have lost around 10kgs after my delivery and I still have around 15kg to lose. But i am not in a hurry, I will take it slow.
 For now, I intend to spend maximum time possible with my baby. For this reason you might see less posts on my blog. I hope you understand. I am trying to tackle a lot in life, but I will try maximum to stay positive and concentrate on enjoying each and every moment! After all that's life!! Right?

Good day buddies!


  1. What a lovely post, Abi!. So beautifully written!... I love your mommy blog posts. So informative and nice. It's so amazing to hear about baby Zain's developments. Kudos to you for juggling motherhood and job hand in hand!...I look forward to more posts from you. Oh also, beautiful pic drawn by your sis ♡

    1. Thank you so much Dear! My sis thankin you for the compliment too :) <3

  2. Wow, what a wonderful post!
    You seem like a wonderful mother :D

    Blend N Smack


    1. Hi Kanak,
      If you are trying to enter the giveaway I am hosting, you need to comment on the giveaway post, not here!

  4. Hi Abidha... Really nice and emotional post....


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