Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Violence And Massacres In Gaza!

You would have already seen pictures of violence and massacre inflicted on Gaza! Being a mother now, my heart breaks to see mutilated bodies of children and their parents crying over them! i see my son's face in those children and I see myself in those mothers!
A picture that moved me so much was the one with a father crying hugging the dead bodies of his dear wife and children! Israel has constantly maintained that these actions have been in ‘self-defence’ and it has been unconditionally supported by leaders of America, Britain and other Western governments.
Like tell me, FOR THE LOVE OF COMMON-SENSE AND HUMANITY, WHAT ON EARTH are you defending yourself from these children?? women?? old people?? and unarmed men??
I have never ever understood the meaning behind killing innocent citizens for the political issues of leaders of countries (be it any country)! They keep themselves safe in air-conditioned secured rooms and give orders to their soldiers to go kill and die yourself!! Why? Why? Why????
Now even Israel people are campaigning against these actions! I

I came across these articles by Youth Ki Awaz and I just had to share it here. Before you point fingers at me telling I am supporting Gaza because of being a Muslim and all that nonsense, READ & WATCH!!!

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