Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Birth Story of Little Zain - Part 1

The birth of my little boy was a learning experience. It was a bit depressing and testing time for me. I was doubtful if I should do this post or not as all birth stories I read till now were all happy joyful ones! But I thought I'd share my story so that you can learn from my experience as well!
Everything happened so unexpectedly that many of my plans flopped. That includes giving birth in the hospital I wished, doing a maternity photo shoot and being mentally prepared for the whole thing as such. I know I mentioned in my previous posts about being eager to meet my baby but...I was not prepared for delivering 2 weeks earlier by a C-section!!
My actual due date was April 15, but I delivered on March 29th itself. It is said that you can deliver your baby 3 weeks earlier or 3 weeks after the due date. Though I knew this, I was not prepared for it.
I actually went to the doctor for routine check up. She did a cervical test and told me I was dilated  by 2 cm. She then inserted a pill to induce pain and said I would deliver the same day. I have heard inducing is done only once the due date is passed and labor pain does not come by itself. I am still confused up to this day if the doctor did the right thing. I was still having 2 more weeks to go until I reached full term.
I was induced at 2 pm and slowly my pain intensified. Around 5 pm, doctor did cervical test again and I was dilated only 3 cm. Doctor then broke my water. I remember protesting telling her it should break itself but she thought I was just scared and broke it. My pain became more and more intensified and around 8 pm, the nurse came to test again. I was ready to bear any amount of pain but I hated this cervical test. It felt like they were inserting their whole hand into you. I even asked the nurses there if science has not invented any machine to measure the dilation than this??!! But this time when the she checked it did not pain so much. So this can be done without being that painful!!!
The nurse told me I was still at 3 cm and that she could feel the baby's head. She said it was looking like it was not in the right position and that I might have to go for a C-section. At around 9.30 my doctor came to check again. I was 4 cm then but she told me the baby's head is molding and we have to go for C-section. Baby's head molding while trying to come out is normal but in my case Doctor told me that the baby is not having enough space to come out and it was causing the baby's head to mold inappropriately. I just wanted my baby to come out safe and sound, so I and my hubby readily agreed for the surgery.
I was still getting labor pains till the minute I dozed off from the anesthesia. When I opened my eyes, I was still in the operation theater, they told me my baby was all well and is waiting for me in the room. While being taken to the room my sister told me, 'Your baby is so cute!'. That's it! I just had to meet him. I was so tired but I was struggling to keep my eyes open. It seems they had given me injection to sleep.
After I was shifted to my room, a nurse came and handed the baby to my mom. I could only see a white bundle and I was struggling to see the face. But the nurse was just so busy teaching my mom how to carry the baby, burp him and stuff. Couldn't they show me my baby first!!
Finally the nurse left and my mom bought my baby near me. Oh My God! That moment, though I was half asleep, I will never forget. There was my baby, fast asleep in my mom's hands. He was the most beautiful thing I ever saw! I wanted to take him in my arms but all I could manage to do was kiss him before dozing off! I couldn't fight the injection anymore!


  1. I loved the way u expressed !! Evn mine ws a similar case but with Allah's grace i had normal delivery ! Lik u said cervical testin ws the worst durin the entire labour..and its hauntin me evn now ! But finally wat matter the most is our lil bundle f joy :) Masha Allah we r truly blessed ! :)

    1. Thanx for your comment Dear..
      Alhamdulilah...though I had to go through the surgery, I am happy my baby is safe n sound...
      I really pray they find some pain free methods to do cervical test..

  2. Alhamdulillah.. Dat u and ur zain r safe and sound.. U deliverd in auh? Whch hospitl? 2 weeks earlier dey did c-section?

    1. Alhamdulilah we are safe and healthy...yes I delivered in UAE and they did surgery 2 weeks early...but I don't want to mention the hospital name publicly...

  3. Masha allah abi... While I was reading this really I got goose bumps :)
    Motherhood is really a blessing.....

    BDW which was that hospital?

    1. It truly is a blessing Dear ♡♡
      I really don't want to mention the hospital name publicly...

  4. Oh Abi!. This is such a moving post. The ending moved me to tears. Beautifully written. You covered the raw truth. Love the frankness of this post. Sad that some things didn't go the way you wanted it to. But alhamdulillah you have a healthy baby boy now. Masha Allah!

    1. Thanku so much Sweety...
      With pregnancy n labor...you just have to b ready for anything...we really can't fix things up..anyway Alhamdulilah me n baby are safe and healthy...


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