Saturday, 29 March 2014

3rd Trimester with Baby #1

3rd trimester started with me banning sugar from my diet. Doctor advised me to buy a sugar testing device at home so that I can monitor the level myself than visiting hospital every time. That really helped and I made up my mind to get over my laziness and start being physically active!
The baby was happily bouncing away in my belly and the movements got stronger! I had this strong urge to grab him and cuddle him whenever he moved inside me!
3rd trimester was a very happy time for me. If you have read my January Recap post, you’d know why. I and my hubby had done Love marriage and his family had not accepted us. It was during my 3rd trimester that they accepted us.
Towards the starting of my 8th month (around 31st -32nd weeks), I started getting cramping sort of pains. It was bearable and I did not take it very seriously until I mentioned it to my doctor. She advised me complete bed rest so that I don’t go into premature labor. I also had to take weekly injections for four weeks for the same.
During my last appointment for scanning at 35 weeks, the doctor told me that the baby was all healthy and growing well and that he is ready to come anytime. My belly was getting heavier and I was finding it difficult to go for work and do household chores. It was also difficult to lie down and sleep and so, I was mostly sitting and sleeping.
Though there were many uncomfortabilities, I was thoroughly enjoying this time. I went for a mini baby stuff shopping. I bought a diaper bag and some basic clothing which might be needed in the hospital.
My due date was April 15. I was now counting days until the time I could hold my baby in my arms!!


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