Thursday, 27 February 2014

February Favorites!

Hello Everyone!
How you all doing? Yes people, by the grace of God, I am alive!! I know I have been MIA for a while!
I never thought I would be able to do this post. February has been a very testing month for me. I got infected with viral flu and cough in my 32nd week of pregnancy and had a real tough time. I will write more about it in my recap post but for now let’s have a quick go through my favorites this month.
You will see I don’t have any beauty and food favorites this month. Those were the last things on my mind with my condition this way. I was bed ridden for most part and the things that kept my mood going were the different blog posts and videos of other bloggers and vloggers. So that would constitute a major part of my favorites this month!
YouTube Favorites
No Makeup Makeup Look by +Meghan Rienks
This is a really easy and quick makeup look without looking overdone. I did my little alteration and wear it to work now. It is just perfect during the morning rush. I always end up doing the makeup in the car so this is a good one for it.
Diet and Fitness routine by +Rachel Talbott
Rachel just gave birth in January and I am just shocked at how she has come back to shape already. It’s just crazy!! She has really inspired me so much.  She did this diet and fitness routine that she follows and I was happy to see she follows really simple and healthy routine. Nothing like a crash diet and all.
Favorite Face Masks by +Lisa Eldridge
Growing hair 1 inch a week by +Farah Dhukai
Now I am not sure how much this would work but I really would like to give this a try. Well not now when I am preggos but later on!
Elsa’s Coronation Day hair tutorial by +Lilith Moon
Soft Hands by +Huda Kattan
Blog Favorites
+Alice Emma Thompson has made this very informative post on how you can cut costs on cleaning products and use natural products to achieve a chemical free and clean house.
Cellulite detoxing you say??? Have to definitely give this a try after my delivery.
Well…just another day in a mommy’s life.
I just loved this dress created by my friend +Shereen Banu Anwar. Do get in touch with her if you would like to place order for such dress. I can’t wait to have my baby and run to her.
I have stopped using deodorants long time ago. They, especially the anti-persipirant ones have been linked to cancer causing agents. This post shows how you can create your own deodorants which are easy and safe.
I am really looking for a good eye cream and serum. That is exactly when +Naznin Azeez comes to my rescue. These products have really worked for her and now I am planning to try them too.

Of course to nobody’s wonder, I am so in love with reading mommy posts now. And Amy here just writes so wonderfully about her lovely cute bull fighting experiences with her kids. Her son turned 3 recently and here’s a wonderful post on it. I love all her posts. Picking out one is difficult.
Recently this was the news everywhere. At first I thought it was just fake but I was shocked that J.K made such a statement. I just love the story as it is and I am glad Harry did not end up with Hermione. I wholeheartedly agree to this post from +Youth Ki Awaaz: Mouthpiece for the Youth.
News Favorite
This is a very sad state of laborers. Long hours of work, dangerous work environment, lack of proper living and health facility put these people into lot of hazardous situations and accidents. These people play with their lives everyday while cleaning roads and windows of skyscrapers. They work at very low salary. Wish they were given more respect and understanding for their hard work.

So that’s it for my favorites this month. I hope it wasn't too boring. What were your new finds and favorites? I would love to know.
I hope you all enjoy your day.


  1. Such nice favorites this month!. Seriously, I would have hated if Hermione ended up with Harry. Huda's blog is so full of interesting things. Didnt know she had a blog. Its really sad what those labourers have to go thtough.. Thank you for mentioning me, Abi ♡


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