Tuesday, 14 January 2014

New Year Resolutions!!

Better late than never ;) ;) ;)

Being lazy comes naturally to me and if I don’t make myself a timetable for everything I will just find myself all careless and sluggish!! I have never made yearly resolutions. It was always like a then and there list whenever the need came. This time also I crammed my mind to get a hold of myself when such a need had come up! Then I thought why not give a try at making resolutions for the year!!
Tadaaa…so here I am preparing resolutions for the first time ever. In Sha Allah, hope I’ll be able to keep up and fulfill these :) :)
Resolution# 1 – Getting healthier during my last trimester!
This point is what got me making resolutions in the first place! I am nearing the end of my second trimester. During the last appointment with doctor, my blood test showed an increased sugar level. It was not high but doctor warned me to be careful as I was near border. Until now all my reports always came normal, so this freaked me out!
During my first trimester I was very careful about what I ate and did regular exercise. When I entered my second, I gave in fully to my cravings. All I could think about was eat and sleep! Plus with all the festivals and holidays I was devouring on sweets, pastries and cakes without a second thought! I know…what an idiot!
So dear me, now it is time to get serious before it’s too late!
Resolution# 2 – Stop being lazy!
Over the years I have tried to improve myself on being more positive and keep my temper under control. One area I haven’t given much thought is about my laziness! I have got to be active and stop putting off things for the next day!!
Resolution# 3 – Eat healthy!
This is not just during pregnancy and for later on as well. I plan on including more nuts, fruits and veggies in my diet. My doctor told me, I should AT LEAST have a serving of 5 fruits and veggies daily! At first I was like, Oh c’mon, I’m definitely having that much but when she asked me to list what I ate the previous week, I was surprised that I was not really reaching that amount! The max I had during that day was 3 veggies and fruits a day! How can I be such a Dumb!
Resolution# 4 – REGULAR Exercise!
Doing exercise whenever I have the mood for work is just not going to work from now! I have got to do it every day. Now and after delivery!!
Resolution# 5 – Walking daily for at least 30 minutes!
C’mon Abi! 30 minutes is the least anyone can do!
Resolution# 6 – Keep contact with family members!
With the introduction of faster communication facilities like Whatsapp and Facebook, I have become so lazy to talk on phone! And now with my mind always on eating or sleeping, it’s worse! My family members have been complaining to my mom that I am completely ignoring them! This is just so wrong! How could I ever ignore my dear relatives??!! I have to work on keeping in touch with them often!
Resolution# 7 – Get into arts, crafts and stitching!
I was very good at arts and crafts during my school days. It was one of my favorite subjects! During college it reduced to making birthday cards once in a while! And now I have totally lost touch! It’s been ages I have touched a paint brush! Some days ago I was planning on making a birthday card for someone, and I just couldn’t figure out what to do! In school times my head would be roaring with ideas!! I had also learnt stitching out of my passion for being a Fashion Designer! Again with all other responsibilities I let this go too. It’s all making me feel like a failure! I just cannot let my talent die.
Resolution# 8 – Go more natural with beauty treatments!
It’s very easy to get carried away by promising advertisements and packaging of beauty products! And starting a blog made me literally want to buy and try everything on the shelves!! I just totally ignored the goodness filled ingredients in my very own kitchen! After getting pregnant I became more careful of what I was using. Some ingredients in beauty products are a NO NO during pregnancy! Not wanting to take risk, I turned to my trusty kitchen. The results are really worth it!
Resolution# 9 – Concentrate on growing healthy hair!
I have really long, thick, black and curly hair and during my teens I used to hate my hair! I used to get really upset when I see girls with straight silky hair and worst part is they didn’t have to do anything much to maintain it!
I started seeing curly hair as beautiful when Kangana Ranaut entered Bollywood! It was a unique feature she had and she flaunted it confidently! She looked cute, innocent, bold and confident all at once! What shocked me most was when I heard guys love curly hair too (I really thought my hubby was making fun of me when he told me ‘I love your hair!’)!! You can now see films and fashion magazines filling with curly haired beauties!!
I learned that every individual is different and if you take care of what you have the proper way anyone can look good! So I turn to my hair to love it now but what do I get??? I wasted so much time on cursing my hair that it got worse! It was hating me back now. My hair got really dry and damaged. Since then I have been trying to revive my hair. It has got much better now but I am still working on it!
Resolution# 10 – Improve on being more positive and religious!
When I look back at myself a few years back I can see an all depressed teenage girl! There have been many incidents in my life which made me that way. I don’t wish to talk about that but the point is, I have come a long way from being that girl now! I am more positive, happy and strong! For this I would thank people who helped me and also people who tried to put me down. Without the latter I would have never known I am this strong and precious!
Those were times when I always though why God was being cruel to me, why my life is like this and that and blah blah! But now I can’t stop wondering why God loves me this much! Being closer to Him and leaving everything to Him has made me happier person! I have learnt that if you do good, you get good – if you do bad, you will eventually pay for it!
Resolution# 11 – Let go of unhealthy relationships!
This is easier said than done! Sometimes the relationship is such that you can’t let go of them completely! They would be still lurking around you and you have no way of escaping! What I have done to escape this is to surround myself with positive people! I would just get out of the situation as soon as possible and create a diversion for my mind! I just have to work on this more so that these things don’t get into my head!!
Resolution# 12 – Give and Forgive more!
There is nothing more that purifies your soul than giving and forgiving! Sometimes it is difficult to forgive people who hurt and are still hurting you.  Especially if the person acts all too innocent in front of others and tries to put up a show that you were the culprit. But there is nothing better than leaving God to handle with them and you carry on in your life happily! Eventually they will learn their mistake and you have already forgiven and forgotten it!
Resolution# 13 – Be the best of myself! Love, Respect and be Polite to myself!
Embracing that individual inside will make you realize that you have ideas, strengths and beauty like no one else. The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others. You must love yourself or no one else will.
Resolution# 14 – Make my own happiness and needs a priority as well!
This is a very true case when it comes to ladies, especially after marriage. They become so engrossed in taking care of other’s happiness and health and become too sacrificing! And sometimes the sad truth is that nobody even values it! They turn out to be depressed and weak!
Your needs matter too. Stand up for yourself! It ‘IS’ possible to take care of your own needs while simultaneously caring for those around you. And once your needs are met, you will likely be far more capable of helping those who need you most.
And so are my resolutions for the rest of this year! Let's see how I go about it. From time to time I will update how I progress on it... In Sha Allah!!

I hope this encourages you too to make yourself better this year!!

Have a wonderful year ahead!!


  1. It is very common to develop slightly elevated blood sugar levels during pregnancy. Just watch the calories from Carbohydrates like rice, probably eat jowar rotis, they are nutritious and low in calories. Drink loads and loads of water, keep a bottle nearby, you may squeeze a tad bit of lemon if you want, it will be good for any nausea too. try to have watermelon juice without sugar. it's comforting. also whenever you get mad cravings, have some nice homemade soup. Surely your blood sugar levels will come back under control.Wow! you know how to stitch!!! wowww i really wish i knew, i love making clothes but i don't even know the bare basics of it. wish i had learnt all this when i was a kid. I like how you are telling yourself, C'mon Abi you can do it. hehe am sure your resolutions will be seen to fruition and do give yourself all the me time now because once baby comes, you will not have that for a long time. it would be nice if someone older is with you and able to care for the child till much after birth, so you can recuperate and handle things better. it's true some of the beauty products contain some much chemicals, it's better to opt for everything organic and probably just use our home stuff like besan, multani mitti and fruit packs made on our own for beauty aids right now. even otherwise i prefer home stuff to store bought to prep my skin and hair.

    1. Ohh Praseena...
      Soooo sweet of you to take time and give me all these tips. It just made my day :) :) Love you <3 <3 <3 I really have to try Jowar rotis, I have heard from others also that it is good to keep calories under check. Never tried them till now.
      Hey...its not too late...you can still learn to stitch :) :) I learned this in my 12th grade and have just totally ignored it with the work and busy lifestyle. I am planning to get back on track...
      True...when you have someone during pregnancy for support...its really helpful...I have my mom and sister with me....I'm sure this will help me cope up with my new mommy role fast :) :) I have really heard how busy life becomes once the baby is here...so got to get myself together for it :) :)

  2. Very nice list of resolutions, Abi!. I hope you fulfill them all and do a post end of this year stating whether you were able to do it all. I am super lazy and I gotta do something about that. I love curly hair. Some people's curls are just gorgeous. I loved Praseena's tips. She is awesome, always!.. Take care of your health!. Some of the points discussed are inspirational :)

    1. Thank you :)
      In Sha Allah I'll do post on how am progressing or falling back ;) in my resolutions :0
      I didn't know Praseena has done tips for curly hair, will be checking it out. Thanks for telling me :)

    2. Hahaha. I meant the tips Praseena commented on this post. The sentence about curly hair is not related to the next one about her. Hehe.


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