Tuesday, 31 December 2013

December Recap!

Welcome back to my blog!
It is time for my Recap post and let’s get straight to it without further due!
This month started with holidays. U.A.E celebrated its 42nd National Day! Hubby and I decided to spend these holidays with his sister and family in Fujairah. From there we all went to Dubai Wonderland and Global Village the next day. His sister and her 3 kids were real fun and we enjoyed a lot with them. Unfortunately her husband was on duty and couldn't join us.
After the holidays, when I got back to the office, we were all treated by this surprise on our tables. Chocolates from Chocolala ;) ;)
Cold weather made me crave for Pakodas and Masala tea!! Such a nice feeling it is to munch on crispy Pakodas and sip hot Masala tea in the cloudy and breezy climate.
 Had some self-pampering days with doing Henna for hair and indulging in some homemade body scrub. After I posted the picture of this scrub on my fb page and Instagram, some friends asked me for the recipe. The credit of this homemade scrub completely goes to +Naznin Azeez, +Laura Vitale and +Michelle Phan. I just mixed up their recipe!! Anyway I will be doing a recipe post soon!
Went for an outing with my sister and did little beauty shopping!
MaxFactor Crayon Kohl in White
Maybelline Master Drama Kohl Pencil in Blue Horizon
Nyx Lipliner Pencil in Latte
Maybelline Color Show Crayon Kohl in Vibrant Violet
We finished our roaming with Nachos and Kadak tea! What a combo!
My best friend from college Daraksha has come here on visit. We had a little get together with our close friends!! It was just the day we all wanted! A break from the routine work and in-law life!! (wink!) We were back to our college selves again gossiping about movies, makeup, fashion, husbands, in laws and babies (last three topics added recently..lolzzz)!! We literally ate like we haven’t seen food for days!
We really wished the day never got over!!
I have been suffering from back pain due to all the stress of work and obviously tummy getting huge. My friend suggested me this Maternity Pants from Max. It cost me only Dhs50/- and I am in love with it!! It feels so comfortable and supporting. So a big thanks to my sweet friend, +Lynn Blesson!
Excuse my poor photography here...but basically these trousers come above your tummy and it feels like a support for your tummy and back!
This is not my tummy..lol...but this is how the pants look when worn...
Towards the last 2 weeks of December, my colleague was on leave and I had lot of work to do! I guess because of my condition now, I couldn’t be as fast as I wanted at work and a little work would totally exhaust me! Thanks to other colleagues who were really supportive I could make it to the end of each day! I never had the power to do anything more for the rest of the day so please excuse my reduced posts during that time!
During this time of year, YouTube overflows with Christmas and New year themed videos. I have been hearing about Eggnogs a long time and wanted to try it! I was curious to see how people liked a drink with milk and eggs in it!! Thanks to Byron to uploaded the recipe, I made it at home. I must say, it was delicious but you can’t have a lot of it, just one cup and you are full!
Hope you all had a good time this month! Enjoy your New Year's eve!!


  1. Very nice post!. Nicely written. Awesome that you got to hang out with your friends :). Man, you made eggnog. I have always wondered how that would taste. Maybe I should try it too. Thanks for mentioning me. I look forward to that DIY recipe. Your national day outing sounds great and full of fun!.

    1. It was definitely an amazing day when I got to hangout with friends :))
      I felt eggnog tastes like custard....and you really can't have a lot...very filling :) :)
      Hope you had a great month too...

  2. i really love your narrative posts and girl! all that food has taken me to heaven, only prob is that I can't eat it...kfc, pizza and those lovely looking teas in matka, i love anything served in earthenware. eggnog is filling huh, maybe it might help my midnight cravings. whatever i eat, i never feel full and gorge at night, bad for weight gain though

    1. I always thought I blah a lot in my posts....and do a lot of editing before posting!! Glad its not boring ;) ;)
      That tea really tastes divine...until now I had only heard food tastes better in earthernware, but now I experienced it :) <3
      Eggnog if filling, but if you are planning on having it daily, you might want to cut out cream and sugar and use honey instead and also use low fat milk....that will give you right nutrition without going overboard...


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