Friday, 13 December 2013

Cozy Winter Tag!

The temperatures are going down and this is my favorite time of the year. I am the kind of person who gets happier during the rainy and cold days. I just don’t get it when people call such beautiful weather gloomy and boring!
Here in U.A.E, the only two seasons we have are summer and winter. In summer the temperatures go above 50 degree Celsius burning the hell out of you.  In winters it doesn’t really snow here except sometimes in the mountainous areas. So it is like a big happy moment when it rains and gets cold here.
I have lately seen many vloggers and bloggers doing ‘Sweater Weather’ and ‘Winter’ tags. I really love such tags and thought of mixing these two up and do a fun ‘Cozy Winter Tag’!!! I would love it if you all take part even if you're not listed below or not a blogger.
The rules
·      Answer the 12 questions.
·      List the friends you want to do the tag.
·      Let them know you nominated them.
So ready??? Here are the questions and my answers to it!!
1. Your favorite winter beauty routine?
Having a hot shower and slathering on yummy smelling moisturizer (Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Massage Cream at the moment).
2. Your favorite winter lip product?
My lips get super-duper dry during winter so I constantly have Sebamed lip balm with me.
3. Your favorite winter nail polish?
I don’t paint my nails. I just hate the scent of nail polishes and waiting for it to dry. I get too conscious being careful with whatever I do if I paint my nails. But I like seeing and designing other’s nails (wink)! Recently I loved a magnetic nail polish my friend wore.
4. Dark lips or winged eye liner?
Winged Eyeliner definitely!
5. Your favorite winter clothing?
Thick Cotton leggings. They feel comfy and warmer than jeans!
6. Your favorite winter accessory?
Pashmina Hijab. Warm and comfy in this weather!!
7. Your favorite winter comfort food?
Such a difficult task for a foodie like me! But nothing beats my Moms’ Chicken Macaroni!
8. Your favorite winter beverage?
Let me get a little desi here and say ‘Masala Chai’ (Masala tea). I would have this everyday if possible.
9. Your favorite winter scent/candle?
I am totally in love with the scent of the sugar, coffee and coconut oil scrub I use at the moment. It feels so pampering. 
As for candle I like Vanilla Cupcake candles from Yankee Candle. 
10. Your favorite winter memory?
There are 3 memories
- Meeting my little brother and sister for the first time in hospital (Both were born in March).
- College picnic where I first met my hubby!
11. Your favorite winter decoration?
Candles ;)
12. Your favorite winter/holiday movie?
Home Alone 1,
and 3!!! 
My absolute favorite ever!!
I tag
Non Bloggers:
I am tagging my other friends as well just because I think it will be fun knowing your winter favorites. Do leave your answers as comments :) :)
I hope you all enjoyed this post, it would be so good if it catches on. I'd love to read your answers :)



  1. Replies
    1. Hey Alia...Why don't you tell me about your winter faves....Join in :))

  2. Ooh that chicken macaroni looks amazing!. Yum!. Thanks for tagging me. I don't do things differently just for winter really!. I dress pretty much the same in winter and summer (my dress sense sucks), I don't buy candles (though I would love to and if I decide to start, I'll head directly to Bath and Body Works), don't wear nail polish, no special wintery memories.Jeez!. It's sad :(.. But I gotta say, I LOVE winter. The low temperature is awesome to simply cuddle and sleep ♡. I would never say it's gloomy or boring. I look forward to winter always. The scrub sounds great. Am sure it smells great. Coffee is good for fighting cellulite so it's a great combination you have done. Loved reading your post!. If I ever visit you, tell your mom to make that macaroni pleasee :D

    1. So won't you be doing a post on your blog?? (sob son :'( )
      Macaroni pakka for you!! :))

    2. I will think about posting about it. Not sure!. Thanks about the macaroni :). You are sweet...

  3. Well strangely v share same fav..the climate n the tea part ;) ys love this climate xcept tht it does bring some difficulty for the kids n us wit changing temp..the school son n my vacation already started in as I have landed in Shj to spend time with my parents wich also gives me a break frm my regular routine..break is good I guess to bounce whole world lives in dxb n shj my frnds family relatives so anytime am here n happpyyy..auh juz have my hubby frnds circle so this is my fav abt this time :))

    1. Thats so sweet Alia...Thanx for sharing :))
      Hope you have a wonderful time with your family! :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanku :) Do tell me about your favorites!!!

  5. Hi Abidha... Oh this is my first tag and I'm so excited to do this.. Will put it up on my blog...Even I wanted to do a tag but the questions weren't right for us living in the UAE.. But this one is the perfect blend of questions... Hey could you share the recipe of the Pasta in a post... It looks so yummy and I'm always on the lookout for different dishes... So anyways thanks for tagging me and I'll have it on my blog shortly...

    1. Happy to see you are excited about this :) :) Its fun right?? Surely will do a recipe post on the pasta!!

    2. I will look forward to the pasta recipe post!!. It looks so yum, girl!

  6. This is such a great post sissy!!
    well nw lemme ans these questions
    1) Same as yours!!
    2) Same as yours
    3) I dont wear nail polish!
    4) Same as your
    5)Same as your
    6) Same as your
    7) Anythin HOT!
    8) Masala chaii
    9) i love the smell of coffee!
    10) Eid trip to Dxb
    11) umm...nah nthin much
    12) i would like to see any nice cartoons..n yes home alone is an ever green movie, it will do too!!

    1. Doing shortcuts should be learned from my sister :D :D

  7. Aw what a cute meme! I used to do these, they're a fun way to reminisce :) It's funny you mentioned home alone because I watched it the other day and still cracked up after all these years, its a timeless crowd pleaser :)

    1. Very true....some movies are evergreen entertainers!!! :)

  8. Hi Abidha..
    I am really sorry for delay in my reply.. I too love winter and I will surely post about this in my blog very soon..
    BTW I loved your movie favourites and the pictures you added are awesome specially Tangled which suited perfectly for the situation you are mentioning... :)

    1. probs :))
      How are you doing??
      Thanks for your feedback dear...I look forward to your tag post :)


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