Monday, 4 November 2013

My 1st Online Shopping Experience!!

This is the first time I have done online shopping. I have never tried this before because of the fear of theft and fraud. From lots of exploring and advice by some friends and beauty bloggers I finally decided to give this a try. If you are careful enough to know about the authenticity of the website and read the terms and regulations well you will not fall into wrong hands.
So I made this purchase from! I did have my doubts when I saw the huge price tags for some products which were available locally at a cheaper price. So I was comparing prices here and there before making up my mind. So if you are planning to buy from, keep this in mind.
I was on the lookout for a good body brush when I stumbled upon this site selling one of the best dry brushes in the world. It is from Elemis and was priced at AED 169. In their main website also it was priced the same. This product was not available locally so I thought I would go for it. I chose the option ‘payment on delivery’. I know…I was still a little bit nervous on doing card payment. To do payment on delivery they charged extra AED 12 for shipping and AED 4 for delivery. If you choose the Paypal method, the shipping charges are free.
I made my purchase on 22nd October 2013. I received a mail confirming my order and mentioned it would take 5-9 working days for the product to get to me! It totally cost me AED 185. On 29th morning (7th day after I made my order) I received a mail that my order has been shipped and same day afternoon I got a message on my mobile from Courier(Aramex) that my parcel has arrived. All I was to do now was to give them my correct address and preferred time of delivery.
Next day I received my parcel and did my payment. I was really excited and happy to have successfully done my first internet shopping and couldn't wait to rip open the package. I was really impressed with the packaging. Outside it had a plastic cover with ‘’ labeled on it.
Inside was a thick brown envelope with bubble wrap lining inside.
And there inside the envelop, covered in a transparent wrap was my product.
The handle and brush head came separately in plastic wrap in a cloth pouch.
And there it is! The Elemis Body Detox Brush, finally in my house!!
This post might look really kiddish to people who are expert in online shopping! But I just couldn't resist doing this post. Detailed review on the product later!
Until next time! Bubye!!


  1. Wow you finally did it!. Hehe. I am crazy about online shopping. Nothing better than retail therapy :P.. Elemis is a great brand. The brush is pretty expensive though. Is it worth it?. Am waiting for your review on this. Why did you not choose PayPal?.

    1. he was fun :) :)
      I have used the brush only twice until now, and it is a good refreshing experience.. But to see how much it works on the strech marks and cellulite, I have to give it more time...
      I was kind of nervous to use Paypal and thought the first time I would take the less risky method ;)

    2. Hmm I see.. I will wait for your detailed review..

  2. Oh btw, on Souq which seller did you buy this from?. Souq itself or a local seller?

    1. The seller was mentioned as 'Health Beauty Store' and they had good ratings. Anything to take care there?

    2. Well, always look at the ratings. Also if you are buying a particular item, check whether someone else has bought the same item from that seller before and check whether it's a positive rating. That's all :)

  3. Hey hello... Oh no you did it.. You just got over your fear.. Now comes the worst.. You get addicted!!! ;) Initially I was so scared too.. But I got over it and now I wish I didn't cause I can't stop myself.. The card is literally my comforter and counselor... I drown my joys, sorrows and addictions on him.. Poor thing!! Haha just kidding.. Way to go girl.. Btw is this dry brush a natural bristle one.. I've always wanted a dry brush.. I have spotted a perfect one in Bodyshop which has natural cacti bristles(which is what you should use).. But it is priced at AED 60 .. So I keep postponing it

    1. He are absolutely correct!! It is really addicting...i want to do this more and more now... :)
      The dry brush is a natural one (made from cacti bristle as per Elemis website) and it does feel natural as well.....heard good comments on them....until now my experience has been good with it...The long handle helps to reach every place of your body ;) I'm waiting to see how it works on stretchmarks now...
      In body shop, I checked twice and they were out of stock :( but let me know how you like it when you get one.

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