Wednesday, 30 October 2013

August, September & October Favorites!!

As I missed doing favorite posts last 2 months, this post will be a collaboration of my favorites for the month of August, September and October.

Beauty Favorites
You would notice that I don’t have much beauty favorites for last 3 months as I was not much concerned about it with all the morning sickness I was going through. The products below were the only ones I used on my face while going to the office. I would’ve avoided even these if my face wouldn’t look like an angry Grizzly Bear every morning.
 I am absolutely in love with this thing. So much that it’s making me lazy to use eyeliners! It is super black, smudge proof and long lasting. I am so happy to find this beauty! For detailed review click, click, click!!.
I am absolutely in love with this sweetheart. It instantly brightens up my face. It gives a bright yet a beautiful sheer and glossy coverage. Best for morning make up. For detailed review click here.
Food Favorites
  • Pani Puri & PapriChaat
Chaat basically means a snack which is typically served at the road side stalls in India and Pakistan. There are so many varieties of these and I am yet to taste them all.

Pani puri is a dish consisting of small fried puffed puris, into which you make a hole with your thumb. It is then filled with veggies like potatoes and chickpeas, sev and tamarind chutney. The puri is then dipped into a spicy pani (liquid made from water, chillies and different herbs) and popped as a whole into the mouth.  I cannot even explain how much I love this dish, it’s out of this world. It’s salty, spicy and sweet all at the same time. If you haven’t tried this yet, you have no idea what you are missing! If you live in U.A.E, you can get this from Sandesh Sweets, Bombay Chowpati or Arab Uduppi Restaurant.
Coming to Papdi Chaat, it’s a chaat which has small fried puris as base, layered with finely chopped veggies (potatoes, chickpeas, chilies  and tomatoes) and topped with sev, chaat masala, yoghurt, tamarind chutney and spicy pani (liquid made from water, chilies and different herbs). I personal love having Papri Chaat from Chappan Bhog or Evergreen Restaurant (a small restaurant behind Eldorado Cinema).
To people outside U.A.E, I am really sorry about not being able to give you a suggestion. But you can try getting this at any North Indian Restaurants.

I have lost count of how many times I have had these the last 3 months. I have been craving them during my first trimester like crazy. Only once have I tried making this at home and it is a little time consuming so I prefer buying. But do let me know if you want me to do a recipe post on this.

YouTube Favorites
  • Lunch Box Ideas by Bethany Mota
I love this cute, tasty and healthy lunch box ideas. If you are a person breaking head with providing a proper lunch to your kids as well as yourself at work, give these a try.
  • Lora and Layton family videos
    I and my hubby just love love love watching their family videos over and over again. Just everyday of your life can be celebrated if you give your family the first preference in life. Their videos are so motivating, energizing and it shows me that happily ever after still exists. Especially during the times when I used to feel really tired and moody, their videos would brighten up my day. Just head over to their channel and watch their videos. You'll love them too. I am linking some of the videos here.
    • 3 minute Smokey Eye look by Lisa Eldridge
    Fast, simple yet elegant looking smokey eye in just 3 minutes. I have got to try this soon
    Blog Favorites
    I made a request in ‘I Simply Love Makeup’ website by Samyukta for lipstick shades that would match my tone. She is such a sweet blogger and so many creative ideas about makeup and fashion. I have always wanted to try red and pink lipsticks but didn’t know how to choose the right shade. Samyukta was so kind enough to reply back to my request with a lot of options. There were also suggestions from other girls in her comment box.  I cannot wait to try them all. Click to read her answer. If you are of the same skin shade as I am, this can help you too.
    I tried this recipe and loved it. It is simple, easy and healthy.
    In this fast moving world, where everyone are racing to reach the top. People have become more like robots with no feelings or emotions. This post is like a reminder of importance of being kind. It doesn’t cost anything and might not be appreciated as one expects. But maybe your one act could change someone’s life, their thinking or anything. You might just never know but always, God is watching and when you are in need, help will be send in the form you never expected.
    I have been suffering from hair fall a long time now. So, I can’t wait to try this product myself. Naznin has explained the usage and features of this product so well that I don’t need any more advice.
    Movie Favorites

    I loved this movie to the core. I know some people have negative reviews on the story being not very new and sensible. But I found it better than extra marital affairs, adult content and dirty jokes type of movies. It was one movie were you don’t have to be tensed about feeling embarrassed watching with family. I wish more movies come this way; it gives you a good laugh and a treat to your eyes with the beautiful sceneries. The other thing I heard from people who are so in love with our country’s diversity was about Deepika Padukone’s accent. People from Northern parts of India were feeling it weird and people from south felt like her Tamil accent wasn’t natural enough. Well to people who felt weird, obviously she was playing a pure south Indian! So what did you expect? I am sure you have heard this type accents from other south Indians as well. And to people who didn’t feel it natural enough, Deepika Padukone is basically from North and instead of keeping a dubbing artist she did the part herself, so give some compliment! I really get heated up with such brainless people you know.

    This is a malayalam film narrates the incidents in the life of a Gynecologist and four pregnant women who come for his life, some shocking him and some putting him in pressure. The film has been portrayed beautifully. The doctor has been living a happy married life from 20 years but the couple has no children.
    The first lady, Anu comes to his life with a story of being married to a rich and much older man who has met with an accident and is not expected to live long. She is pregnant from her husband's friend and wants to keep the child if the husband dies or abort it if he lives. Her lover ends up leaving her and her husband is expected to live. She decides to abort when the doctor tells her he never support abortion and if she is still planning to go ahead she has to end 2 lives as she is carrying twins.
    Second story is about Geetha, who gives up her convent life as nun to become pregnant at the age of 52 through artificial insemination. She has to survive through strong protests from every quarter.
    The third story is about Saira, a 17 year old girl who comes up to the doctor telling she is pregnant. She wants to deliver and is ready to give her baby to couple without children. She only has one condition that nobody will ask who is responsible for her fate. The doctor and his wife decides to adopt this baby. In the end she reveals the person responsible to the doctor shocking him as well as the audience.
    The last story is about Fatima, an orphan girl who has to earn a living to feed herself and her small brother. She joins to work as nurse in doctor's hospital and lies that she is pregnant to get out of night duty.

    Song Favorites
    • Titli from Chennai Express
    • 1,2,3,4 Get on the Dance Floor from Chennai Express
    • Kashmir Mein from Chennai Express
    So that’s it for my August favorites. Hope you all have a wonderful time.

    Take Care!


    1. Loved this post!. Thank you for mentioning me :). Sweet of you to.. I haven't bought Colossal Kajal but I did try it in store. Loved it. ISLM seems like a nice blog and she gave a very helpful answer. Lora and Layton seems like such fun and cute couple. Their photos are adorable. Cute baby talks and all. So cute!. Sweet that your husband sits and watches videos with you. Masha Allah!. Oh I love pani puri ♡. I drink up the rest of the spicy pani from the glass after am done with the puris. Such fun!

      1. Thankuuu so much dear!! :) :) <3 I do the same with the balance pani too... Hi5!!!


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