Wednesday, 31 July 2013

July Favorites!!

Hello Everyone!!
As July is getting to an end, its time to talk about my monthly favorites :)

Beauty Favorites
My brows are really light and I wanted to darken it a little and see how it looks. So I went and bought this brow pencil. This is the first brow pencil I bought so I can't compare this with any other. But as such I am happy with this and have been using this like crazy. The brush helps to smudge the line you create for a natural look. Click here to see my review on this product.
Price AED 26 - Mushrif Mall - Lulu
     Eyeliners have always been my favorite. I am currently loving this eyeliner from Maybelline. Click here to see my review on this product.
    Price AED 45 - Mushrif Mall - Lulu

    Food Favorites
    Pronounced as 'keen-wah', this is a new find for me in Ramadan. This is actually a seed but is prepared and eaten like a cereal. It tastes great all by itself and is gluten and cholesterol free :)
    Price AED 39 - Mushrif Mall - Lulu
     YouTube Favorites
    This channel is a new find for me. I have always loved his preaching. Here,every week, he takes one aa'ayat from Qur'an and explains it in a very simple way. It is worth watching. This video I have linked here is about how much Allah is merciful that even if you have a huge mountain of sins behind you, once you turn back to Allah, He will forgive it all. Its just so inspiring and makes us believe Allah loves us the most!!
    I don't know what took me so long to find this sweety. I just love the way she presents her videos, they are cute and not boring. I just love everything about her. I'll link one of my favorite videos here.
    I have no words to explain how much I loved this look. And also the way it is filmed, the music, everything made me fall in love with it. <3 
    This was also dedicated to Talia who passed away this month. For those of you who don't know her, She was a 13 year old girl who fought cancer bravely for 6 years. She was a fun-loving and very positive child. She loved makeup and had a channel of her own. At such a young age she has inspired many lives. God bless her! I have included one of my favorite videos of her's as well.
    This way of cooking was a new discovery for me. The dish looks yummy and I can't wait to try it :)

    And so are the favorites for the month of July. I know it isn't much. I was a little occupied with Ramadan, fasting and all this month. But I hope this was informative and beneficial to you bunches!

    Take care & Stay Blessed!



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