Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Not Bothered About Fitness?? Get Started Already!

Alright buddies, I'll admit - when it comes to fitness, I have been very lazy and careless. 
I never took this seriously! I regret it deeply now. 
Its a bit touchy subject and  you'll know why by the time you get to the end of this post!
During my schooling. I didn't have to bother about including a fitness regime into my life. It was already taken care of during our Physical Training classes and other sports. Basket Ball was my favorite game. I did not have any deficiencies and my immunity system was sound and fit.
As I entered college life, things changed a bit. I did my college in an institute here. For people who studied in big universities this might be shocking. Our college was limited into a flat with maybe 5-10 rooms which served as our class rooms. You see, the universities here are SOOOO Expensive and for middle class families like myself, thinking to study in such universities are impossible. This is why I couldn't fulfil my dream of studying Fashion Designing :( I couldn't afford it then.
So back to the point! During college, I started going for part time job to help my dad. Friends, fun and parties were there but not sports. There was no way we could incorporate sports events in a flat! And our institute never really organized such events outside as well! So fitness regime took a back seat. Though I did not have any health issues, I did gain weight. Whenever I saw i did not fit into my old clothes, I would start exercising but then leave it after a week.
This went on until I got married. You might have seen and heard many people say girls put on weight after marriage. I would say to such people that I won't gain weight, I will maintain myself and blah!
Yeah right! So much for my maintaining!!
Many people say the happiness and joy of marriage makes the girl put on weight. But from my own experience, that's really not the case! After marriage me and my hubby would have our after marriage datings and would be eating out most of the evenings. And when at home, mom would cook special meals everyday to make the couple feel welcome and happy! All that oil and fat made us both gain weight! I was 55kg before marriage and at present I am 65kg!!!!
In my husband's case, he is a big fan of cricket. He regularly goes out to play at weekends and that has in a way helped him burn off whatever he eats that week! But in my case, it was like adding fuel to a car that wouldn't run. I was filling up, but not burning it off!!
I got a job after marriage where my timings where 8am-6pm. I was the receptionist (the only one). I couldn't move from my seat - even during break!! X(. I started getting pain in my joints and went to see a doctor. That is how I came to know I have Vitamin D deficiency. How would I get Vitamin D when I am stuck inside my offfice all day! This in turn led to Hypothyroidism and more weight gain! I was totally fed up with my body! I did not like looking at the mirror!
And I decided I had to burn this off and started serious exercising. How I wish  I had started earlier! That very month I got a severe stomach pain in the right side. Doctor's initial verdict was it would be appendix. But after scanning they found that I was tube pregnant!! 
For those of you who don't know what it means. It's wear your fetus sticks itself and start growing in the fallopian tube instead of the womb. This is a fatal condition and has to be removed immediately! If detected earlier you can save the tube! But in my case, I lost both my baby and the tube. It had already burst before they got me to the operation theater.
I still get tears when I talk about this incident. Children have always been my favorite and to have at-least one on my own was something I have always waited for. And here I was lying helpless. I was crying until they dozed me off for surgery and was still crying when I got up! Doctors were initially going to do a key whole surgery but I was bleeding so much that in the end they had to do an open surgery (meaning my stomach was cut open).
This was in the last December 2012. Because I had an open surgery, I had to be careful about every movement I made. I had layers of stitches inside me. For first three months I couldn't do any heavy activity. Mostly I had to rest and heal. All the time I had alone, I would cry. I was kind of blaming myself for not taking care of myself in the first place. I felt if I had kept myself fit and healthy this wouldn't have happened! Doctor also advised me to lose weight, especially in the waist area. It is where all fat gets stored and it kind of blocks and disturbs many functions of the body!
Its been 8 months now after the surgery. I am completely healed now. We have been trying to get pregnant again (which is not happening and totally putting me in depression). All my doctor wants from me now is to reduce my weight. She told me all my problems will be solved once I lose my weight!!!
At present as I said I weigh 65kg! For my height (5' ft), my weight should only be 50-53kg! You see, I have a long way to go. I have been trying different ways, but I just can't stay focused and motivated!! That is when I thought about blogging this! If I keep posting my regime and my progress, I will be more focused.
So friends, that is how I planned on starting this new series of fitness post! I pray this will keep me motivated and help me reach my goal! All I have to tell you bunch is that fitness and maintaining your health is IMPORTANT! After telling you my story, I cannot stress the importance more than this! You don't have to go to a gym to get fit and reduce weight! There are numerous exercises that you can do at home.
Allot at-least 30minutes from your day to your health, your body and family will thank you!
I will post the exercises and regime I follow but if you have got any health issues you might have to consult your doctor before doing anything! 
Remember, I am not a fitness expert or dietician.
Hope this encourages you to stay fit and healthy.
Take care buddies!


  1. That is a awesome post... work out everyday & walk at least 1 hour daily...

    And thank you very much to saying about me... am also planning to go for gym asap...

  2. Wow....this is one f ur best n emotional post!!....i hope Allah bless u soon wid a kid...InshaallahA!!...n wrk out everyday n bring supb result :D :*

    1. Yea...it is emotional...just typed away from heart...
      Insha'a Allah praying for the same...and yes dear I am going to work hard... :D :D

  3. Hey dear!... I am sorry to hear you had to go through such testing times. Hope you get to your weightloss goals soon. I got problemsof my own too. Gotta lose weight so that I can try and get pregnant... goodluck to both of us. Remember me in your prayers, hun..

    1. I know it is sad....but don't lose heart and stay healthy.. Insha'a Allah...Soon God will bless us... I will surely pray for you...Pray for me too..
      Take care dear <3 <3

  4. i am so sorry to hear this, i had no idea. Insha'a Allah now you are blessed. take care of yourself and will pray for you and your little one. take care <3

    1. Thank you so much dear.. God bless you too <3 <3 :)


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