Friday, 12 July 2013

Anyone can cook!

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

Behold the Royal Kitchen of Princess Abidha!

Princess Belle is my all time favorite Disney princesses. Unlike other princesses, she is the strongest and bravest of them all. She doesn't sit and wait for someone to come and rescue her. Instead she takes charge and is very helpful and sacrificing. And in my opinion, that's how a real princess should be.
So like a good princess, I will share my recipes and tips with you. I would love it if you too would share your secrets with our friends here.
I love cooking and trying out different foods. Fortunately being in Middle East, you get to see all types of culture here. My interest for other cultures and traditions started at school. At school and college we had this kind of tradition of sharing our lunch. It used to be a time everyone would look forward to. The bell goes off for recess and we all gather around opening and handing out our lunch. Those were such memorable times.
I was fascinated by the different dishes they used to bring. They were delicious and different from each other. I got researching into my own culture. And God, the foods I got to know and taste were out of this world. For me, trying new foods became an adventure.
 I started raiding internet for information on such foods and traditions. Every place had their own traditions and cultures. I was so overwhelmed. I wanted to try them all. But of-course traveling to all these places were out of question at that moment. So I decided to try making them myself. I have even tried innovating some recipes, mixing different traditions and fun stuff like that.So friends, that's how I got into this magical world of food and cooking. This is an art anybody can master. All you need is a passion for it! The feeling when you see people enjoying the food you made cannot be expressed in words. I have had my share of failures. My first attempt at everything is a mostly flop ;) but all you need to do is to keep up! I am still learning and will be till the end!I hope you all enjoy in my kitchen. There are no cultural or regional barriers here.Feel free to help yourself to anything you like ;) Bubye


  1. I agree with you that any one can cook if they put their mind to it!. I learned cooking just within the last 2 years and people say I cook well :). Such a huge achievement for me who grew up thinking I will never cook anything in my life!. Even my parents are so proud of me :)

    1. must be very happy :))
      Keep going and am sure you'll make even more success <3 <3 <3


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