Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Relax your body after workout.....

A Very Important Step!


Yes! People of Indian origin must have already understood. 'Shav' means dead body and this asana requires you to lie still like a dead body without putting any force on your body and relax.

Just like exercise, relaxing is also important for your body. And this asana is the best for it. Mostly people do this after their yoga workout but if anybody feels too tired in between they can do this for sometime and then continue when they are relaxed.

People who teach yoga stress the importance of this asana. One just shouldn't walk off after the workout. This should be done at-least for 5 minutes. Experts say this is just not for people who do yoga, it can be done by anyone who is tired or have completed a heavy physical work.

The way to do this is to lie down on a mat and completely relax your body. The legs shouldn't touch each other. Keep your hands at the sides of your body with palms facing up. The width between your legs and hands from the body can be decided according to your comfort. Slowly close your eyes and relax your face muscles. During this asana breath normally (not deep and loud). Feel your muscles relax from legs, hips, stomach, arms up to head.

How much each person needs to do this cannot be told. Each person have their own time to feel relaxed completely. So listen to your body.

Thats it!! This is how you do Shavasana. Remember, You are relaxing your body and mind here but still alert. Do not see this as an excuse to sleep off ;)

Take Care Buddies!
Stay Healthy :)


  1. Very useful...Haven't read much about Shavasana anywhere....

    1. True...this is such an important step a person working out shouldn't miss...


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