Thursday, 27 June 2013

No one is perfect!

We have all got to save just this one data permanently in our brains,
No one is perfect! 
I know this is something you get to read everywhere and it's not easy and stuff but that's the truth.
For a long part of my teenage life I was unhappy with the way I looked.
Instead of being thankful about the good qualities of mine, I was constantly lamenting about the flaws I had. I was not happy with my height, with my curly hair, my oily pimply skin and this and that, the list was endless!!
Two things got my head right.
One was when my father heard me complaining about the height one day and told me a story. It was about a car accident he met with and how his life was saved because he was short. He said if he was taller he would be dead hitting his head when the car turned. Until then he too was unhappy about the height issue, but after this he never ever went back to complaining about anything.
Second is when my sweet friends had enough of my cryings and gave me a good hearing on being thankful for what we have. They also told me about how there were people without eyesight, hearing, talking, etc.. who still managed to smile through all hardships and became successful in various fields of life better than a normal human. They told I will feel beautiful only once I accept myself and be thankful.
Looking back, I saw a girl always pouting and never happy. And believe me, that did not look beautiful at all. I started having a positive approach in life. It wasn't easy, there would be people who come to let you down but I was determined enough not to get fooled like that. Only if you decide to feel insecure, others will take advantage of that and make you feel worse. Believe that whatever way God created you, it is the best and be thankful and treasure it. 
Every girl is a princess. 
Carry yourself with respect and others will respect that too.
Here I will share my tips on treasuring and respecting your beauty. Taking care of yourself and maintaining yourself is what makes you beautiful. This is not a place to destroy the real you and create another person out of you. Stay true to yourself and be positive. 
Rest will fall in place itself.


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