Tuesday, 18 June 2013

I'm Back!!!!!

 Hey All,

Hope you are all having a wonderful time!!

I am back from my Um-rah

Two weeks of spiritual healing is what I felt. Each and every moment was a treasure. Going through the places where the history of Islam lies, visiting important places and all were such luck I got in this life. It has made me realize what real Islam is. The importance of peace and understanding is what makes the foundation of Islam and I am ashamed and angry thinking how some people have made this beautiful religion a fear for all.

The only negative point was that during the last days,I got affected with food poisoning. I have no idea what caused it. So, am kind of weak at the moment and recovering slowly. I’m literally living on liquid foods now. My doctor said it’s going to take some time to get better completely so until then I have to eat like babies.

Anyway I am safe now and that’s a relief. I have a lot of topics to share with you all and will now start uploading them one by one. 

So until then, I hope you all have a great time.

Take care!


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