Friday, 31 May 2013

May Favorites!!!

Welcome Back Everyone!!!
Hope you are all having a wonderful time...
Today I'll tell you all about my favorite products for the month of May...

Beauty Favorites

  • Olive Oil
This is my best friend ever. I have been using this as a night moisturizer for hair, body and face. It's showing such amazing results. So this is definitely the first favorite.
Neutrogena is one brand I trust a lot. We do not have a lot of their products here in U.A.E and I wonder why. This cleanser is available in all local department stores. It makes you feel really clean and does not dry you out. I am currently on my third bottle which is also almost over as you can see ;)
Price AED 36.95 - Mushrif Mall - Lulu
    I have never used moisturizer before on my face because the moment I use any cream  on my oily skin I would breakout. But once I started working, i guess due to the air-conditioned environment, my skin started getting dry. As I already trust Neutrogena so much, I went to search for a good moisturizer there itself and bought this.
    Well, you already know if I included this in my favorite then I love it. I wear it to work or go out now. I'm on my second tube now. It does not make me oily or breakout. Within 2 or 3 weeks of its use it does what it says, gives you a clearer and healthier looking skin.
    Price AED 39.25 - Mushrif Mall - Lulu
      This liner is sooo sooo sooo good. I had the black one too which got over. It does not smudge, gives a real dark color and stays in place. It is also easily washable. You can create both strong lines and smokey ones by smudging it.
      Price AED 45 - Mushrif Mall - Lulu
      This is my favorite mascara so far. It does not clump and is easily washable. If you are looking for a waterproof one, this is not for you. I like it because when I am at office and have to pray, it washes off easily with water. I don't have to carry a cleanser and cotton pads separately to remove them.
      Price AED 55 - Mushrif Mall - Lulu
      First time I got to use this was when a friend of mine gave me sample of this. I felt so good about this that I went and bought this. It is really pricey. But I have been using it since 6 months and I feel it will be with me for another 6 months. Once applied I never have had the need to reapply again. It gives a dewy look after sometime of applying and that is the best part!
      Price AED 185 - Paris Gallery - Khalidiyah Mall
      Food Favorites
      • Frozen Berries
      These are really wonderful for making juice. Berries are rich in Anti-oxidants and Vitamin-C.
      I have been juicing them since and they are wonderful.

      Favorite Song of the month
      So that is all for the favorites for this month. Pheww...hope that wasn't too long.

      Have a wonderful day guys and Happy June!!


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